Generations of Faith

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Generations of Faith is an innovative approach to parish faith formation that involves all generations in learning and growing together through their  experience and participation in parish life. This inter-generational approach to religious education nurtures a Catholic identity in all parishioners for a


lifetime. At each GOF session, we strive to;

1. re-engage all generations in participating in church life, especially Sunday Liturgy;

2. equip and support families and adults, especially parents;

3. create a pattern of family faith sharing and a Christian way of life;

4. involve all of the generations in learning together;

5. transform the parish community into a community of lifelong learners.

Generations of Faith equips the parish to become a community of learning by creating lifelong faith formation that is centered in the events of church life, that embraces all ages and generations, and that promotes faith growth at home; it does this through parish preparation programs, and, most importantly, through participation in church life.

The Generations of Faith three-fold method of teaching prepares the participants to understand the events of church life and prepares all ages to participate actively in church life through themes of Liturgy, the Church Year feasts and seasons, the Sacraments, etc. Generations of Faith engages all ages and generations in church events, and guides them in reflecting and applying the significance and meaning of the events to their lives. It is not just religious ed; it is connected education, which means that the program leads directly to participation in Church life. Learning programs draw their content from church events and lead people toward active, conscious, meaningful participation in church events.

2014-2015 GENERATIONS OF FAITH THEME –How To Be A Catholic
We will explore our lives as Catholics in every aspect, from family life to friendships. We will look at how we participate in the sacramental life in our parish, along with virtues to follow at work and school. Our citizenship will be examined, reflecting on the moral obligations in participating in the political life. And finally, we will be challenged to live as a saint, going forth to love and serve the Lord.

The Generations of Faith process has seven scheduled 2.5 to 3 hour sessions (Faith Festivals) and all generations are invited. At these sessions, your whole household will learn about the teaching theme at each member’s age level. Adults learn about the topic in ways that they can relate to, as do parents (who are also coached to share their faith and beliefs at home), teenagers, and children from pre-k to grade 5.

+ The once a month preparation session is simple in concept. The gathering includes hospitality, fellowship, prayer and learning. A sample afternoon or evening session might include:

Part 1. Gathering – Registration and Hospitality (meal) – Opening Prayer, All Ages Learning Experience

Part 2. In-Depth Learning Experiences – Age appropriate learning experiences in smaller groups

Part 3. Sharing Learning Reflections and Home Application

Part 4. Closing Prayer